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Linux is the fastest growing OS in the industry. More and more enterprises are turning to a flavor of UNIX or Linux to handle some back office function that would prove too costly (hardware or otherwise) for an MS solution. *NIX will run on just about any piece of hardware and will run flawlessly for months. SCO Office Mail Server is an excellent choice. Mail, LDAP, web, file shares, etc. can be run on small, inexpensive boxes with this OS for pennies of what an MS solution would cost. Why don't you consider doing the same for your business and give Interflex Technologies a call today to order your UNIX or Linux distribution today!

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We are now a Microsoft Partner Posted 4.30.2006 @ 21:54:45 EDT by Deuce
This year has brought new frontiers for us here at IT. We are now a Microsoft partner, specializing in small business. The SMB can now turn to us for Microsoft Small Business Server standard and premium. Very soon we will be certified as a Microsoft Small Business Professional firm.

SBS is a fantastic product, offering remote administration and mobile workforce capabilities right out of the box.

If your company is interested in this new offering from Microsoft, give us a call or send us an email today.
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